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25129 The Old Road, Suite 114, Santa Clarita CA 91381

Paris MacIvor, real estate agent/consultant and team leader since 1999, is from Tehran Iran.

She came here as a refugee back in the mid-1980s with her parents.

Paris is one of the few international people which I have met that have no hint of an accent but is multilingual with Farsi being her first language.

A testimony to how hard she applied herself to learning the English Language and how she constantly is improving herself, not to mention her business.

If you are on Paris' Facebook page, you will quickly learn she has thick skin and is comfortable with the pronouns assigned to her at her birth. As I just learned she blocked me again :) - my apology forthcoming.

When it comes to real estate clients, she says it how it is and does not use any clever trickery to get anyone to do things that they are not willing to do. 

For example, when some agents are telling their clients that it's a great time to buy, when the economy is bad and when prices are starting to come down, Paris will look at it as if she is the one buying. If that shoe fits, then she will explain to her clients her rationale. 

However, if she would not buy at that time, she will tell them that too! The same "direct" approach comes from Paris when people ask her if now is the best time to be selling their home. She explains from a global perspective, then hones in on the city in which they are wanting to sell.

She explains the current housing market. Shows Proof of what she is speaking about. Then guides her clients to make their best decisions.

There is no secret to being a Great real estate agent. One just has to apply themselves and adhere stringently to the golden rule! Yes, the golden rule still works.

Paris MacIvor

Direct: 661.400.3680