We sell a lot of real estate to our clients who want an agent on their side when dealing with a new home builder or at a new home site.

The only thing that you need to know before you hire us is that we are FREE for you to use. I don't cost you a dime when using me and my expertise with being your representative when buying a new home.

You only have to take me with you the first time so I can let the new home builder's rep that I am on your side. I will need to give my business card to the new home builders' representative and fill out a card giving me the authority to be with you before, during and after the new home buying process.

This includes me being by your side during the viewing of the model homes. Once we decide what new home community and model of home is best, then I will be with you when we have a sit down meeting with the new home builder's agent. Most are not Realtors, They are not typically members of the National Association nor the California Association of Realtors, as am I. 

By being with you the first time and by signing you up underneath my protective new home representations shield, I am now able to negotiate for you, in front of you, with the new home representative. I can get them to give you more in the way of incentives, I can stand up for you and ask for more in the way of discounts and show you other benefits of my representation. Credits for various allowances, like upgraded flooring, custom paint, and better appliances are only my beginning when I'm working for a new home buyer.

You also have the benefit of me being along your side during the contract phase of the new home buying process. This is where all of the small print needs to be explained by the new home builder's representative and where I am there to be another set of experienced ears JIC anything needs to be "further explained" and not just glossed over.

Then there are inspections, there are other necessary events that I will be with you, by your side throughout. 

If it comes down to complaints needing to be lodged, then I will be there for that as well. Sometimes new home builders don't do the "right thing" when it comes to being an advocate of a new home buyer. The new home agent is in the employ of the new home builder. While they are still able, at least for now, represent both sides - the home buyer and the new home builder, this may be coming to a stop. I have gone to bat for a new home client when the builder was not being helpful. I have gotten real estate brokers and CEO's from various new home builders with their management involved in past events where a buyer I was representing was getting the short end of the stick!

The action of a single agent representing both sides to a single transaction is known as dual agency. That means that the agent is "dually" representing the home seller and also the home buyer. There are several states that outlaw this practice including the country of Canada.

Having me by your side when buying a new home in Santa Clarita Valley or elsewhere in Southern California is a must.

Call me so we can set you up with a new home tour and I'll get your price range, what you are looking for and in what areas, I'll get a list and we will go together and I'll be your voice and ask all the right questions during our interactions with the new home builder's real estate agent.

Before we go I will discuss your new home lending options and how the new home builder will probably give you incentives in the way of paying money toward your closing costs if you use their lender to get your loan on the new home you are buying. I'll tell you what you need to know about this "deal" the new home builders have with their lenders.

Furthermore, I educate my clients about future re-sale pertaining to the location of the new home construction area. I also am interested in the community infrastructure that is going to be planned and built-in and around the new home construction site where my new home buyer is buying. Traffic overflow and other items are discussed due to their impact on my new home buyer's quality of life.

When ready - reach out to me directly and I will get you all set up at any "fitting" new home builder community in Southern California. Just make sure that you have not gone ahead without me. 

If you have, and if they have any record of you coming through with me with you, you have just given up the right to have me on your side as your Realtor for FREE. Until the "dual agency" law changes, this is something that has to be dealt with. Call me for further information and to get on my calendar. 661.400.1720