Connor MacIvor

lol - no one uses faxes any more :)

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Connor MacIvor, born in a small city in the midwest, dad was an engineer with Dyncorp - White Sands Missile Range NM.

Since I was a small person, I wanted to be a cop. I watched dragnet and 1 Adam 12 during the days when I was not in school and it stuck.

During college at ENMU, I decided to go for it, as I was already a correctional officer for Roosevelt CO. Sheriff's Department in NM. 

I was 18 and knew I had to wait until I was at least 20.5 years old to start the LAPD police academy.

Because when I graduated I would be 21 years old and legally able to buy a handgun and ammunition.

The next few years could not happen fast enough, but they were completed and I was set to start the LAPD academy on October 9, 1990, and I did.

After 17 years as a police officer in Los Angeles, I decided to hang it up and focus on my real estate career that I had started in 1998.

I remained a full line reserve officer for the Los Angeles Police Department for another 5 years, retiring fully in 2013. It's an honorable retirement, no compensation, I cashed out when I resigned from full-time police service, as I signed up to be a reserve. (To this day, it's still in my blood!)

Santa Clarita real estate agent

Much different than being a cop. Real estate is a strange choice as the second chapter in a person's life.

However, it seems like second nature today. I do know that if I had it to do all over again, I would not have changed a thing, expect to buy more domain names in 1998!

My reason to become a Realtor was simple, I was taken advantage of when I bought my first home. The agent, for not wanting to use a better word, screwed me.

It was horrible and I vowed I would never have that same circumstance befall any of my real estate clients.

I have been blessed and I am able to help people with the largest investment of their lives.

My service is truly romantic for me. 

Buying and selling real estate takes skill and a constant polishing of my abilities. 

The daily learning, knowledge gathering, market study, statistical analysis and my constant striving to remain on top of the new real estate laws and all issues that impact my home buyers and home sellers.

The end for me in this business will never come. I enjoyed building our brand, our client database and meeting with the old and new people who have a thriving thirst for real estate.

I'm Connor and I'm here to protect and serve your real estate needs!

Call me directly at 661.400.1720

(there have been items in my journey to this day which have been omitted to be included in my life story at some point - on this dissertation, I make it look easy. It wasn't and it took work harder than I had ever worked in my life. Today, I have the same work ethic and am constantly striving to refine and re-create myself to be my best version!)