Zillow as a real estate search engineWe advertise ourselves and our sellers real estate listings on Zillow.

While most of our clients are pretty "tech" savvy, some are not and don't understand why Zillow became something related to real estate.

Zillow is a Real Estate Agent lead generation site. It was built on the premise that real estate agents would pay for leads.

They were right, real estate agents will pay them to get leads.

It was also built as a platform for agent to write on (i.e. a blog) and to have that information disseminated to the search engines and to those seeking real estate advice!

Truth be told - Zillow is GREAT at Generating real estate leads for real estate agents!

However, some of the listing agents in the world, are not fond of their systems.

Some agents think they are purposely making listings, which are not for sale, appear as being for sale, just to make a buck.

As a result, the agents do not allow their sellers listings to be publicized on their platform.

Hence, you are using a search system that is lacking all of the real estate listings.

Additionally, some of our sellers are also bent by Zillow's Z-Estimate. Something that promises to let you know what your home is worth. According to a lot of our sellers, it falls way short!

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I'm not about to tie up with Zillow - They would have me tapping out in seconds.

However, I will let you know we have full permissions to advertise the Multiple Listing Service homes and listings that are for sale.

We have been working in the real estate business since 1998 and are proud to protect and serve our real estate clients.

If you want to check out the Homes for Sale in Valencia, enjoy our system!