Best Buds for iphone(I started this post on my wordpress plugin on my iphone)  There is little I like more than listening to a great audio book. Something that assists me with my personal development. Making me a better father, husband, or business owner.

Something that is far from the norm. I listen to many hours of podcasts about Seo and marketing. I listen to Leo Laporte. The reason I am explaining what I do with my audio headphones is in an attempt to show you I have many hours a week invested in being plugged in.

I answer my phone through my zagg buds. I record podcasts on my Zagg buds. They are the most durable I have found. Their warranty cannot be topped. They are stellar.

To be continued....

(Continued from our Office HQ)...  I went into the Zagg store in the Valencia town center mall.  Heather helped me with my iphone and my Zagg Buds.  I have used the iPhone and Apple buds (you know those white ones), in the past.  However, you need to see the cables on the Zagg product.  Looking through the translucent plastic, you will see what appears to be braided steel covering the wires within the plastic covering.

There is an volume adjustment within the wire and a "push to answer" button on the in line microphone housing.

Customer service and the warranty is top knotch.  You can call the Zagg Stand in the Valencia Town Center mall at

invisibleSHIELD at Valencia Town Center
24201 West Valencia Blvd
Valencia CA 91355
(661) 607-1942

I use the headphones without any of the cushions - they stay put just fine, when working out and also when doing other activities.