I was given several awards with the LAPD - Twice I was given the "lifesaving" metal.

Santa Clarita REMAX Award CeremonyThose were great days in my life.  I met the survivors families in both circumstances and, Thank God, they loved the person who's life I saved.

Plus the folks I saved were very grateful.

BTW - It was not me, without God, I'd be nothing.  I wanted to state that before moving on.

Today, is Friday.  It is the annual REMAX Awards Ceremony.

It will be held at the Hyatt in Valencia and I'm going to attend.

Not because it's my favorite thing, but because Paris is making me :) - she is out of town, but usually does not go anyway :(

If we are blessed to be in the top 10 again for last year, 2012, I will be called up to the stage and my peers will clap.

I will get a metal, a plaque or trophy, then I will sit down at my seat and congratulate other real estate agents.

I am not a big fan of real estate awards ceremonies.  I don't like being congratulated for selling homes.

Now, If I were to be curing Cancer - I'd proudly stand up to be applauded.  But, even in that case, I know it has nothing to do with me, but in whom I know is in control.

That's it - I just thought I would do my weekly Friday Rant.  It's 2;02pm as I finish up this post.

I better get on the road to arrive on time :)