Connor Macivor Santa Clarita Realtor in Real EstateConnor MacIvor, CALBRE 01238257 - Is a full time licensed Realtor who is your Local Real Estate agent in the Santa Clarita Valley - Valencia CA. He comes from humble means and was an LAPD cop who had a dream. He fulfilled that dream when he came out from New Mexico June 17, 1990. On October 9, 1990, he was certified for the police academy in Los Angeles and started that day.

Connor met the love of his life just 2 weeks after graduating the police academy. Little did he know it, it would be another month before he would be able to ask her out and make it official. He and Paris were married July 29, 1991.

He worked various assignments with the LAPD. Patrol while on probation and for a couple of years thereafter. Connor then moved to South Traffic Divison which is located at Crenshaw and Martin Luther King Blvd. He loved the motor cops and knew that was the best fit for him. 10/94 was his motor class and he was glad to be there. Motor school, unlike most LAPD schools, was a washout program. Meaning that if you were the bottom 1/3rd of riders, you were most likely going to be washed out. It was very hard, the hardest school that Connor MacIvor had attended to date.

The academy was easy in comparison to motor school, just longer. - (6 months to be exact).

It wasn't long until Connor started teaching various subjects for the LAPD. He was a natural orator and really enjoyed passing along knowledge to others. Of the subjects he taught, the following was his favorites because he has to show a functional ability to conduct drills and examinations on subjects, not just teach out of a book!

  • DRE - Drug Recognition Expert Instructor
  • SITS - Shotgun Instruction Trainer
  • HITS - Handgun Instruction Trainer
  • Glock - Certified LAPD instructor
  • Radar - Certified Radar Instructor
  • Laser - Certified Laser Instructor
  • IDAP - Impaired Driver apprehension program instructor

Paris and Connor bought their first home in 1996, located in the Santa Clarita Valley, the city of Newhall. Their agent took full advantage of their youth and this being their first home purchase.

There were many issues involved - "Disclosure" being the main responsibilities which our agent was not up to the task with.

They fixed it, but it was not without its own fair share of pain.

Connor became licensed in 1998 and found that those with whom he worked with on the LAPD and various other Southern California law enforcement agencies wanted him to represent them with regard to their real estate needs. The business boomed and Paris came on board a few months later as a full time licensed Realtor.

Paris911 Was born - Paris - for Paris MacIvor and I was the "911" being a full-time cop.

Local Santa Clarita Realtor Paris Macivor

Paris MacIvor CALBRE 01256647 took the bull by the horns and made Paris911 what it is today. Multiple brands and those which the Santa Clarita Valley community recognize as being utilized by law enforcement and the civilian population.

Paris' Story is more from a made for TV movie. At 15 years of age, she and her family escaped from Iran as refugees. (there is a book in there).

It took over a year, but they were finally accepted by the United States and became Americans a while later.

The U.S. Flew her and her family to Las Vegas NV. What a first stop for sure. They arrived at night and the plane flew over the strip - amazing for her to see I'd imagine.

After 6 months in Vegas, it was time for her and her family to migrate to Los Angeles.

Living on Cochran street and attending Hamilton High in Los Angeles was a quick and shocking introduction to American Life.

Paris and her family moved to North Hollywood where Connor was a probationary police officer, fresh out of the LAPD academy.

Paris and Connor met while Paris was a waitress at Bakers Square in North Hollywood, it's a Starbucks today.

Connor said Paris was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid his eyes upon.

After a bit of courting and connecting - they eloped and married 3 months later, that was July 29, 1991.

They are still going strong in their real estate business and marriage.

Your Agents and their Business model

Connor and Paris did not like what they saw in the real estate business. Some agents had it right, but they observed quite a few who'd sacrifice quality for quantity. Their clients suffered and as a result, the entire real estate agent crowd developed a horrible reputation.

That bad reputation exists still today and is prevalent when people speak about real estate.

Paris and Connor wanted to first, provide a way for their clients to gather all the information concerning selling and buying real estate before jumping off.

They developed a Crash Course on real estate where they do the training and pass along knowledge to their clients gained by their experience and knowledge in real estate since 1998. They are also able to convey what happened in more detail when they bought their own first home in 1996.

Technology is a must in today's real estate business. Paris and Connor take that technology and pass it along to their clients. They ensure that those who are working with them don't get taken advantage of when searching for homes or getting their home's value.

Explaining the best sources of real estate intel, Connor and Paris know it's easier than ever to search for real estate. However, the change is its also harder than ever to buy a home. Multiple offers, competition, financing, scorned sellers, etc. - It takes a true expert guide to get it done for today's real estate buyer.

Seller's are savvier today than ever. They recognize the web 2.0 line of BS that is always pitched in the interview of real estate agents. They also understand that online is where their home is going to be found. Connor and Paris have the online presence to make any home at the top of the SERPS, Search Engine Results Pages.

Add over 10,000 real estate articles personally penned by Connor and Paris. Thousands of Santa Clarita Radio Shows and Santa Clarita YouTube Videos recorded and constantly updated online. Publication Print advertising for our Real Estate Brand in Law Enforcement Publications. A vast(high dollar) PPC, Pay Per Click, campaign causing their brand to appear, not only in the organic search results but at the top of the page as well. A double verification for those home buyers wanting to hire a Top Realtor as well as the sellers.

If this were Connor and Paris filling out a job application, they hope it serves you well on making a better decision about who you are going to hire to represent your real estate interests in the Santa Clarita Valley and Greater Los Angeles Areas.