This has happened to me twice - once from a Sales Associate at Trulia and the other time by a Sales associate at Zillow.  I wasn't even being mean :)  They called me.  They wanted me to join their websites so I could get more leads.

"Hey, is This Connor MacIvor(they always mispronounce my last name and also mispronounce Santa Clarita - Not even a little homework before the call - seriously...)?", I said, "Yes it is".  (here comes the windup - then the pitch) "We are currently tracking 690, six hundred and ninety people searching for Santa Clarita real estate agents on-line.  If we could get you some of this traffic, could you use the business?"  Another variation of this close is, "Are you currently working with Buyers and do you want to close more?"

You know what I respond, "HECK Yeah!!!"  :) Seriously though, I ask them for what keyword or keyword phrase are they "tracking 690" people searching for real estate a month.  In one occurrence I was told it was the keyword phrase of "Santa Clarita real estate agents".

I let the sales person go on a bit, I can multi task, I finally told her that I was on page 1 and float between the number 1 place and the number 3 place results for that phrase.  She then asked, "how much does it cost you?" - thinking I was talking about being number 1 in the "pay per click" arena.

I explained, that - I'm number 1 in the organic results for that specific keyword phrase.

Santa Clarita real estate agents

After she recovered she went onto tell me how I will not be able to survive in the future without their product.  Without their lead capture abilities and websites.  She explained how many people were searching for real estate on their systems and how there was no way on God's green earth I could compete.

I listened, I was not rude, I responded and after her "brain numbing" presentation, I told her that I was not interested, and thanked her for calling me.

"Excuse me!" she said.  "I have never had anyone turn down this offer, what do you mean you are not interested?"

Sensing this was not going anywhere good, I said, "I'm simply not interested, I'm going to continue to write content and answer questions on my blogs, on FaceBook and on Google+".

She said that they have a Q and A section on their website.  I told her I had one too :)

She said that they have real estate professionals answer those questions.  I told her that, in some circles, I'm considered a real estate professional :)

In one final act of Desperation, "you will never be able to beat our website and it's lead generation capabilities!"

Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow - but I am sure driven to keep the Local Real Estate agents writing content and answering questions on their own platforms and in their own voices.  

I love to see other agents that "get it".  Understanding that most of the real estate syndication websites are merely built to monetize a person's personal information. The Real Estate syndication websites then sell it to agents(members) in the form of leads.  The more agents that pay for those services the bigger and higher ranking those Real Estate Search sites become.  If no one were to pay for their services to obtain leads, they would fold.

I'm not trying to put them out of business.  I just wish they'd train their callers to be a bit more tactful when they pitch their product.  They are dealing with people in sales, they should "one up" their game at least one level, shouldn't they?