Santa Clarita Realtors representing clients

LAPD Sergeants are some of the best in the world.  I was not one, but I did work for many great ones.  Such is the one that wrote this review of Paris and I.

We were completely honored.  If it is hard for someone, at a previous employer, to use a Real Estate agent's services, it is twice as hard for a Supervisor to use a Subordinate's services when it comes to a venture that is not in the supervisors present ranking structure.

What a great family and an opportunity to show that we were everything that the other's were testifying too, related to our service, protection and performance.

We were able to get the home sold for more than the Fair Market Value and sold within a shorter time frame with minimal in the way of fixing by the seller with regard to the home buyer's requests.

Top Real Estate rating on Google Plus Page for Santa Clarita REMAX's Paris911 Team 04/03/2013

"Thank you all for everything you've done to help us sell our Mohave Dr house. You make a great team, and we will call on you again for our next transaction (not anytime soon, my appetite for moving is zero right now :-), as you can imagine) or recommend you to our friends. Troy (and Debbie), you were great and on top of things, thank you!

I did not get that warm and fuzzy feeling knowing I was taken care of from our other escrow officer. And now I know how important a competent escrow officer is. We are recording today on our new house, moving tomorrow. Anf then we can finally work on getting back to normal.

Which includes buying clothes for my kids, who have been walking around with too short pants or holes in their pants because bad Mama was too preoccupied these last few weeks. Thank you again!"

-Rebecca and Steve E.  Simi Valley California