Two clients in my office, whom I had never met before. They found us when searching on-line for the keywords "Santa Clarita Real Estate". I know that because I ask everyone. In this case, they had questions about how much properties were selling for in Valencia CA.

I sent them the data - then asked the if they wanted to subscribe to get a report for the Santa Clarita city of Valencia each month in their inbox. The report is called our Executive Market Report summary and is full of real estate data about Valencia CA.Click here for our SCV Market Reports and to subscribe!They were happy to receive and contacted me a few weeks later, ready to move forward with our "in office crash course on real estate".Crash course on Santa Clarita real estate?Here is how it went down: Trish opened up with, "You are nothing like the other agents that we have been working with..."

I said, "Really, I did not know you had been working with other agents before me?" Trish said, "Of course - we have seen some that said they were number 1..." I laughed and commented, "I think almost everyone is number one is this valley."

Dan(her husband), commented, "You never appeared Hungry." I said, "please explain Hungry...".

"Pushy, controlling, you know, those things..." "We asked a question on a real estate website and I had over 100 email's and 30 phone calls from real estate agents wanting my business. Talk about unbelievable - I then had found something you had written about keeping away from the Real Estate Syndication websites - It was like a breath of fresh air."

Dan and Trish went on and on about the differences. I had to comment and explore each of their stated "differences". It was quite eye-opening. There were several that I had never thought of from a "consumer/client" point of view.

Another was "accountability". Doing something so simple as keeping my word. That spoke volumes to Trish and Dan. I thought to myself, "Could it be this simple?"

Be Safe - work with experts in the field of real estate and don't get misled. There are many opportunities for you to get into touch with the real estate agents that will watch out for your best interests at all times. Start with some Googleing...

Here is a new Video for our LAPD and LASD clients that have fallen prey to the Bulletin Board Predators that have been infultrating the police stations and Sheriffs offices.  BE careful and get what these "clever marketers" in writing. Also, why not contact the city and see if they are really "City of Los Angeles" approved Vendors.