All low water plants and landscape in Santa Clarita CABefore you think I am showing off my college - stand by.  :)

Xeriscaping - to learn the pronunciation - here is that little bit of intel:  zir-ə-ˌskāp,ˈzer-

LOL - that helped a lot -but it has to do with living in the desert.  Maybe Santa Clarita is not quite a desert like Palmdale may be, or like Alamogordo NM, where I was raised, but we don't get a lot of rain here and water costs money :)

Why not, if you head over to the Santa Clarita Water Company, you will see that they don't have any "real grass" in front of their building.  They have their own form of Xeriscaping, they have turf - fake grass.

It's actually quite pretty and hard to tell that it's fake.  I'm just wondering how long it  will last?  Some types of fake grass have 15-20 year guarantees,and the prep is sometimes more expensive than the product.

Something to consider when it comes to how much you will save with the water bills etc...

Xeriscaping, dry gardening in the Santa Clarita Valley doesn't have to mean boring. While xeriscaping doesn't actually mean dry gardening it does mean gardening with plants that do not require a lot of water.

We are becoming more and more aware of water, its consumption and the need for conservation. Xeriscaping can allow us to cut back on water use while at the same time producing some beautiful landscaping for our homes.

I recently saw a commercial for a water company that sells a product that can keep track of the water used and never allows for any "over watering".  Which can be a blessing and may remind you the next time you are driving down the street and see wasted water in the gutters from an overwatered lawn.

Xeriscaping can also be considered low-maintenance gardening, something many of us with busy lives appreciate beyond measure.

While some homeowners go all out and replace everything, including grass, with low-maintenance hearty plants that require little if any additional gardening, others simply turn to their flower beds for this current trend in gardening.

Regardless of your choice in xeriscaping, you don’t have to be afraid of losing character in your yard. There are so many blooming plants, attractive groundcovers, and flowers that can be combined to make your property appealing.

The internet is ripe with information on the latest trends in home gardening, start surfing the web and uncover what type of gardening suits your home best.

Just Google Xeriscaping.

Let us know when you are ready for us to come over and give your home a Paris911 from REMAX Evaluation.