You can visit our Short Sale website for Santa Clarita Valley at

Here is our method - we need to know your relocation timeframe. We also need to know if you have a interim plan.

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With regard to your relocation, do you happen to have local family you will be able to stay with, friend, or others that may let you "lay over" for a few months while the short sale process plays out?

If not - then we are going to probably do most of our hunting on the ground for standard sales and Bank Owned properties.

The bank owned will also have to be hunted carefully due to some of the banks being able to wait 21 days before even entertaining the first offer - that can put a person looking to relocate under the eight ball, or beside or whatever. You get the gist - behind is not good.

Looking at the properties that are being sold short in the Santa Clarita Valley would help you make your decisions as to whether or not to have your real estate agent look for the pre foreclosure aka short sale. Do yourselves a favor - when wanting to relocate, make sure you are teaming up with agents or local realtors that have an expertise in the relocation process.

Also - make sure they have a team in place, which will be to your advantage when relocating to the Santa Clarita Valley

Be safe - Search well and let us know when you are ready to move. - local agents rule.