We don't hire garbage!!!  That is something that I heard Paris tell someone on the phone that was grilling her over our hiring practices.  A real estate agent that was looking to join a top producing real estate team as a buyers agent.  We were flattered, because this agent had a very high closing rate for buyers.  We have the buyers and thought that he'd be a GREAT fit for our team.

However, we also reach out to those that know a "prospective buyers agent" better than we do.  We don't know everything and we know others can be jealous and spread false rumors.  However, when you hear from a majority of the people, that knew this prospective buyers agent as a "snake", "corrupt", "deceitful", "dangerous", and "of bad reputation", that is when Paris and I needed to re-group.

The blog for Santa Clarita realtors and agentsWe cannot have anyone representing The Paris911 Team that has a bad reputation.  We cannot have anyone work with our real estate buyers, whom we delegate to our hired and direct representatives, that have words like "corrupt and deceit" associated with their character.  We cannot and will not.

When Paris pulled the trigger on this fella, he went off the deep end.  Screaming, yelling and threatening.  Apparently a zebra will show their true form when confronted with the truth :) (or a prospective buyers agent that is not used to playing by the rules when they get called on the carpet)

Our Team - We delegate buyers to our Hired Hands.  The Hired Hands are interviewed ad-nauseum.  Just ask them.  We have other top producing Santa Clarita real estate agents, with high ethical stances, interview our potential buyers agents too!  They do this as a favor for Paris and I, which we return most often.  

If they make the cut - we have a 6 month - "hat and books" time period.  During that time, they agree we can fire them at any time without letting them know the reason.  It could be we get too much in the way of negative feedback.  It could be we caught them bending the truth.  It may be they are not placing our real estate clients first.  Whatever the reason, we have only had to release the trap door three times since our start in 1998.  If the Paris911 buyers agent makes the cut - they are good for as long as they want to be with our real estate team at REMAX.

They get to work with the best Santa Clarita real estate buyers in the industry(of course I'm jaded :) ).  They get great offices, they are supported 24/7/365.  They are branded and they even find that the buyers they are working with, at the time of transition, get their offers accepted faster due to our reputation and brand amongst other Santa Clarita top listing agents.

Sorry "charlie" (name changed to protect the innocent - or not so innocent), we cannot have your bad reputation associated with our Paris911 Brand.  I'm sure you will find someone to work for as a Buyers Agent - Good Luck...

Have a look at our Homes for Sale in the Santa Clarita Valley page on our Main SCV Realty Website of Paris911 dot com.  It will answer a lot of questions you probably have when approaching the various real estate search platforms on the net. Talk soon and thanks for reading, liking and sharing :)