image1662229471.jpgIf you are a realtor in the Santa Clarita Real Estate World, don't take offense at the statement in the title of this post. The fact you might be taking offense shows you are different.

We have moved far from the days of house wives wanting part time income and where getting a real estate agent took very little knowledge.

Oh, don't misunderstand me, getting a real estate license still takes very little knowledge. The hard part is that the real estate business has become over run with professionals. The income derived by a professional realtor sustains entire families. The Real Estate Agent has a staff, understands financial numbers, knows the most current laws and is a master of marketing.

1. What I cannot stand is a real estate agent that does not keep their client informed.
2. Those that lack personal responsibility.
3. Real estate agents that consider themselves too proud and refuse to ask questions when they don't the know the answers.
4. Those that don't cover all of
the bases with their clients bringing unnecessary scrutiny to the other real estate agent and the other agents company.

If you are a new realtor, we were new once as well. If you eat a small piece of humble pie and ask the other agent questions that you do not know the answers to, you will start learning.

Thereby not conducting your real estate business on a small scale and embracing bigger ideals.

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