The name of the game with Relocation is taking your time. Not rushing and if possible, and if you don't mind moving, renting in a particular neighborhood or location for a bit.  That way you know your decision has been a good one.  Most relocation companies that are working with the larger Human Relations H.R. Departments make the "rental/lease" step routine.

Here are all of the rentals and leases that are within the William S. Hart School District. If you are ready to make the move to home ownership - then you can visit this link to view all of the homes that are for sale within the William S. Hart School District.

Before hanging mental curtains with either Rentals/Leases or a Purchase, give the school district a call to ensure that the home you are contemplating is within their boundaries.   Boundary lines with the Local School Districts change from time to time.The information about the William S. Hart School District has been placed at this link.