How does it work when you are upside down on your home and see that Agents are advertising the following:

"We will Sell your home guaranteed, or we will buy it."

Realtors in Sellers

Paris and I happen to be a bit upside down as well.  What about us.  Sign me up.

It apparently does not work quite that way.  There is a lot of small print that one needs to read when it comes to having a "Sell my home guaranteed.."

A sad state of affairs exists when it comes to all of the misleading that goes on with regard to real estate.  I liken it to the Wizard of Oz.  Back in the day there was a curtain covering real estate.  A lot of secrets were in the Real Estate world, I heard there was even a "secret handshake" :-)

Due to the advent of the Internet those "secrets" have become more transparent as when Toto pulled back the curtain on the Wizard.

However, there are a few tricks left up some of the "service providers" sleeves.

What ever you do make sure you read all of the fine print.  If it does not make sense to you, then don't sign it and move along.

Eventually, you will find a Realtor that is a good fit, I promise.  Even in this market, where we have seen one of the largest thinning's of the flock, we have enough Real estate agents left that would be a GREAT fit for your needs.