We Talked a bit about Bulk Sales and our Short Sale Resources... Paris911.com/bulk and Paris911.com/ShortSales

I get tired at times, when I am surfing the www to find short sale resources - I'm typically looking for my own and how I'm ranking on the "almighty Google".

Short Sale Calculator for Santa Clarita sellers

We are page one for most of the major Santa Clarita Short Sale Search terms with our Paris911 Brand. Which is impressive because this website does not contain any of the "short sale keywords" in the web address. Paris911.com/shortsales

The only way this can happen is to write, write and write some more. Giving the best in real estate intel to those that are seeking it.

We don't push information - we post information. We want those, that are looking for information related to Santa Clarita short sales and those agents that handle them, to find it when they are typing in those words into Google.

We fluctuate between number one and number three on the first page of Google. That is why we always say to have a look at at least three agents that are being Ranked as Santa Clarita Short Sale Agents or Santa Clarita short sale experts. Just in case one of the agents located at the top's of the SERP's - Search engine result pages, is a non hacker that does not pack the gear to serve in our beloved core :)

There is no easy to get on page 1. It takes hard work and dedication from those that are putting in the effort. Most of those real estate agents are in training all of the time to handle short sales and they have a committed team, a Pay roll Specific team.

Let's talk about what I mean by a "payroll specific team". Some Short Sale agents will tell you that they have a real estate team in place to handle your Short Sale.

What that usually means is the same as when you read real estate commentary that say "contractors dream" - (the home needs to be torn down and rebuilt :) ) - "Payroll Specific Team" means that your short sale will be farmed out to other "third parties", at least in most circumstances.

We don't farm anything out. Our team is on our Payroll. Our team is licensed and they are working within our direct office - with phone lines, desks and computers. Paris911.com/office

Be safe - please search well and let us know if We can help you with your Santa Clarita short sale needs.