Real Estate Skills in Santa Clarita Realtor TeamWe have been watching the local Santa Clarita real estate markets only to continue to hear the stories about VA and FHA buyers, even those that are wanting to buy a home with less than 20% down, getting out bid, out financed and out offered.

The one thing that we need to keep our eyes on is the process. Those that are wanting to purchase need to have real estate agents that are doing their job.

Sometimes, waiting for 24 hours causes the prospective buyer to miss out on the real estate listing that entered the market, in the case where the buyer was not advised by their Realtor.

Sometimes, it does not matter who is doing the searching, and waiting 17 days is not unusual for a Bank or some Sellers when it comes to accepting offers, before reviewing or responding to any.

But, wouldn't you rather error on the side of caution?

The 'Old timers', that have been serving in the real estate trenches for some time, will tell you that before the advent of the internet and the advanced technology we have online, this was the way it was. The way of the real estate agents doing the searching and hunting for their clients.

They did not stop at the MLS level. They were dug into every single realtor networking group they could find and saddle up with.

They would be at every real estate mixer they could find, they would mingle. They would rub elbows with those other real estate agents that they'd throw under the bus the first chance they got when competing for a listing.

This is where "deals" happened.  Behind closed doors.  When real estate agents, back in the day, had a buyer that was looking for a home, the internet was only a dream.

Believe it or not, this still holds true today.  In fact, this probably holds more true today.  Technology is great, but if your agent happened to be someone that knew the listing agent personally, that would benefit you 100%...

If your real agent or team, you chose were involved with the other real estate agents on a local level, that would help you 100%.

If your real estate agent had a team in place that had Buyer Representatives that were also well liked and that were members of the same and different networking groups in the local venue, that would help you 100% X's the Numbers of Buyers Agents.

So, you see that, the old timers were right.  The agents of today that embrace an active "hunting method", when it comes to their Real Estate Buyers, get their buyers what they want when the other agents, that don't. can't.