One of the things I can BRAG about is the self hosted video platform we use.  We found it by chance and not by design.  I was very tired of uploading my video's to multiple sites to gain exposure.  This was tedious and had to be done "one site at a time".

A while back, for, Michael Krisa contacted me to conduct an interview about my "stellar" results using's Market Snapshot Product.

Mike is also known as "That Interview Guy".

After we spoke, we became friends on all of the Social Media channels.  You can say he opened my mind further to the pluses of using Video in our marketing efforts and internet exposure.  However, that started with Podcasts and Radio.  He was instrumental in the development of a Self Hosted Video Platform.  After I had a chance to view Easy Web Video - it was a very easy sell.  It had everything that I wanted and more. (btw - this is an unsolicited view by Connor MacIvor (me) - the link to easy web video dot com at the beginning of this thought stream is not an affiliate link - it's the actual link - that is how much we believe in this product - everyone should be using it!)

I no longer had to subject my potential clients to video's by the "competition".  I was able to embed links, strategically place popup's into the video messages while they were playing, and track the views via Easy Web Video's Analytics function.  The Video's are embed-able in any website or blog.  There is also a Share Feature - The Sharing feature allows you to take the video you have uploaded and have it distributed to many Video Websites with the touch of a button.  Re-sizing of the video's is extremely simple, uploading is fast and the video's play across a multitude of platforms.  Mobile Phones, android, iPhones, iPads and more.  If it can access the internet - it can play the video!

Here is my "one touch" upload of a new Video that was produced to be embedded on our Main Real Estate blog site for our REMAX of Santa Clarita Paris911 Business.

Real Estate video system

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