Human beings are very visual creatures.  For those of that maintain the Gift of Sight, it enlightens multiple senses.

So hence TV taking off as it did back in the day.  With the advent of the "affordable" video camera, we can all become directors in our own "frame of reference".

Enter stage left, YouTube and being to upload your video's for all of the world to see.

When you use YouTube, you get a few fields that can be modified - but to go completely nuts with instant landing-pages, squeeze pages, video email, clickable links to appear when you want them within the video, and the ability to integrate mail-chimp or constant contact contact, YouTube does not do that.

Also, after the video quits playing, your potential clientele may see other related videos.  By whom?  By your competition.

Easy Web Video is a product that is on the cutting edge of technology.  They have given me nothing to talk about it.  They also have an affiliate link, which I have but do not use.  Easy Web Video is so useful and so "timely", it will be the "game-changer" so all of us can start using video on our own self hosted platform.

There are a couple of reasons why self-hosted is better.  First, I don't mind building YouTube's Content.  YouTube does monetize some of their site with Content - raking in the Bucks...  So the more people that upload videos, that get HUGE view amounts, the more YouTube can sell their ad spaces for.  Again, this does not bother me.  But if I want to make a point with my business and care enough about my clients and my presentations, "self-hosted" makes a wonderful point.

Blogging on the real estate syndication websites, instead of on my own platform, does bother me. (point being, I do get bothered :-) )

I spend the money, therefore my clients see that they are all worthy of not being bombarded with ads.  And frankly, there are some video's I would never put on a public platform.  Videos that have no place being on YouTube. (not the type of video's you are thinking of...)

Secondly, with optional Analytics and the ability to re-route your viewer at the conclusion of your video to any website of your choice, Easy Web Video is worth the minimal cost.

Let's talk video quality.  Do you do Screen Video recordings?  The video's that are recorded of your computer screen?  We do this very often when talking about real estate values, inventory and price changes within the market.  We display our graphs and get the viewer to understand more completely by displaying factual data that they can access at any moment during the video.  The quality of the Easy Web Video resolution topples anything else on the market - so hence, my screen recordings are crisp and able to be seen in detail...

Below is an example of a Stand Alone Webpage that I built, with the Easy Web Video Interface, that took less than 1 minute.  (click on the "play" button in the center of the screen below)

Go to Easy Web Video dot com and see that Mike and Shawn have been up to!

Easy Web Video