Talk about a question that surrounds itself with self interest :)  Today, this question came floating to the top of our Q and A resource for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

Have a listen and let us know what you think by commenting below this article.  Real Estate agents are like onions - they have layers...  Or was that Ogre's?  Either way, it is very important your choice is the best it can be.

Dad was a smart man...

My dad, when he was amongst the living, was quite clever.  He told me that he was too poor to buy cheap things.  That also came in the form of hiring someone to provide him a service.  When it came to medical treatment and doctors my dad always wanted to work with the best.  The same came in the legal realm - they had to be the best, no matter the cost.  Back then, I either did not care or I wasn't paying attention - but today, looking back, my dad was a smart man.

A Realtors Experience is paramount!

When buying a home your real estate professional's expertise is going to pay off in HUGE dividends for you.  If you are not getting those dividends in a monetary capacity - you will in the form of protection, safety and service.  Not all real estate agents or their teams are created equal.  Some fall way short of the mark.

Ask the Three "E's" to the agents you are going to be interviewing before you disembark.

  • What types of "continuing" EDUCATION do you attend and how often?
  • What is your level of EXPERIENCE in the numbers of transactions closed during the past 6 months, the last year and a career total?
  • How has your business EVOLVED from when you started in the business?

The three E's broken down:

Education - makes sense.  Experience, this is paramount.  Evolved????  That will give you a glimpse into the mind of your realtor.  Whether they are "do it them-selfers" or not.  You will have scored if you found someone that did not have their real estate business handed down to them.  Building a top producing real estate business, without having it gifted or handed down, gives the builder(Realtor) better abilities to serve their clients. You will see the difference between a real estate agent that "lucked" into the business versus someone that built it through a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

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