We represent a lot of real estate clients with new homes and housing. New builder communities - there are at least 17 in the Santa Clarita Valley. Add another 20+ in the San Fernando Valley and 10+ in Simi Valley - We have new homes all over Southern California. Here is a Map of the new homes in Southern California:


As you can see - New Homes are all over We often send our clients a link to anyone of the new home developments and tell them to go have a look if they desire without us.

We also educate them regarding not signing anything, not leaving their names, not registering for anything and playing spy when visiting.

Any less will result in us not being able to protect and serve them as their agent when buying new housing.

Any New Home Builder in Southern California is going to cooperate with any real estate agent. They are going to pay us to bring them a client and to have that client purchase a new home.

This is good news for me. However, if a client visits the new home or new builder community without their agent - and signs anything or leaves any trace of their identity, the new home community will not allow the agent the buyer has selected to move forward with their specific representation.

The new home buyer is forced to use the new home builders agent.

At the end of the day, we are all about real estate and representing new home buyers and re-sale buyers and sellers with regard to real estate. I want to extend our services to those of you who are entertaining buying a new home.

if-you-sign-anything-at-a-new-home-centerWe recently had some clients which I had "directed" via a link from the same map you are seeing above which we own and have rendering all of the homes which are new and new construction in Southern California.

I sent them a link to a specific new home builder community in Orange county. The couple was going to take their daughter with special needs to a specialist to have her evaluated. While they were there, they wanted to visit new homes. They let the new builder representative know this and it was no issue.

I have had other clients go into new homes, where I directed them to go, where the new home builder representative was horrible, angry, mean and turned her back on our clients when they stuck by their guns, and did not register with her or give any personal information.

New Home Builders have a method in the way they do business. I get it. But there is something to be said for a seasoned real estate, one who directs their clients to the new home sites, only to have that not recognized as procuring cause...

I'm Connor MacIvor and I'm ready to be your new home realtor in Southern California.