I remember, oh not so long ago when I met a gentleman - who was not "super famous" at the time, as he is now.  His name was Jeff Turner, he peeled back my mind and gave me some "nuggets" to consider before Social media and blogging were the way to drive "content related" traffic to a website.

Does the Paris911 Team at REMAX careToday, if you are in business and have a website (today's business card), then you probably have given consideration to writing about your passions...

Not those Passions - Your Business :-)

But where do you start?  Here is the key component to a "word laden" real estate industry.  Write on your own Platforms and Websites first.  Those that you own.  Those that cannot get shut down or "cyber vandalized".

The most expensive Google AD WORD phrase for Santa Clarita real estate is "Santa Clarita Real Estate".  It can cost more than $7.00 every time someone clicks on it, depending on the time and flow.

Oh, but what about the Cyber Haters?  Some of a businesses competition may sit around and drill the left mouse button in an attempt to break their competitions bank.  Hey Mr or Mrs Cyber Hater, it does not work that way any longer.  However, if you had a room full of computers that were all connected to different servers - you may bankrupt them.

What about the "other content" platforms.  Like local business pages, Trulia, Active Rain, Business Circle, Merchant Circle... - Stuff like that?

A bit to add about Craigslist and Backpage, with these sites - they should not be the primary focus - you should be writing your own content.  But with Craigslist and Backpage - the "Cyber bullying patrols" can report or flag your listing attempts for your business.

Those should always remain "secondary".  Get your own content written and posted on your very own platform.  Then maybe do a little referencing of what you have written on those sites.

If you are going to put any amount of time in the writing about the thing you are passionate about - do it on something that cannot be tampered with by the other "competition" in the world.

BE Safe and remember, "When you are competiting against others, you will have very few fans - But when you compete against yourself - you will have TONS of followers..."

Jeff Turner