I suppose the video does not answer the question of why our team or why REMAX - or maybe it does.

REMAX is the most successful real estate brokerage in the world.  Both Paris and I chose REMAX because of that fact and the fact they afforded our sellers an "unfair" advantage in the promotion of the real estate they are wanting to have us sell.

Where_buyers_are_searchingHowever, all of that power, while a blessing, can fail to be used in the correct manner.

Real Estate agents that are saying they are tech savvy and being tech savvy are two completely different things.

That is why we show our real estate sellers how we are at the tops of the real estate search results for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.  This is extremely important because that is where the real estate buyers in Santa Clarita Valley are searching for homes that are for sale.

Do yourself a favor - check the Search Engines yourself.  Type in way in which you would search for real estate.  Look for the local agents and their websites.

Click through and see how they are rendering(showing up), are they user-friendly?  Do they give answers to the questions that buyers are asking?  Are they incorporating video and audio that show simple things like how to buy a home?  How to sell a home?  How to search for real estate?  How to find the best deals in Real Estate?

That is the least they should be doing.  If they are truly Tech Savvy - you will see their brand and you will know they are the BEST Santa Clarita Realtors you can hire to represent you in the sale of your home, condo or town-home.  BE safe and thanks for watching and reading...