Do you buy Big Mac's?  How long have you been on this Earth?  I am sure at one time or another you stepped foot into a McDonald's.  Heck, when I drive by one - the smell seems very alluring.  I am not going to discuss the health benefits or the lack of them with this write-up.  What I want to draw your attention to, is the fact McDonald's Still Advertises.

I don't watch much TV - but when I do, I know for certain that there is a McDonald's commercial that is being aired sometime during my mindless venture.

I cannot help but think to myself, "McDonald's is so Big - Absolutely Huge - Why are they spending money on advertising?  Everyone already knows who they are..."  The answer, Top of Mind Awareness and because it is paying off.  In fact, it is paying off with big dividends. They are on-line, in publication print, on TV - in the Schools and everywhere letting everyone that already knows - they are still in the Food Industry.

When we list a home for sale - the Multiple Listing service is GREAT. But why should we stop there when we see that over 87% of those that search for Real Estate are searching on-line before contacting any particular Real Estate Agent?

Virtual Tours: This should be something that is done without any conversation about it.  But it is not the "Silver Bullet" when it comes to Real Estate Marketing.

Publication Print: Is this dead yet? No, there are people searching in the various Real Estate Publications for homes that are for sale.  The problem is that the "world view" of publications that have homes for sale is that they are used primarily for the Agent's to Generate Leads.  I have called with my clients present on an advertisement they have not been able to find on-line, that they found in a publication.  The home, was not available or was not even for sale.  Also, there is no "policing" of the listings placed in the publications, for the most part.

Social Networks: Not to be forsaken.  Just make sure your Realtor is hanging out with those that are the "top shelf" in the local real estate industry. Pitching your listing to a room of warm bodies has a HUGE impact. Use this to your advantage and make sure your agent does also.

On line presence: This should be at the top of the list.  If your agent is hitting page 1 on Google, Bing and Yahoo, if they are on the "7 Pack" with regard to the Google Local Results - then you are hiring someone that has the capability of putting your home for sale in front of more Buyers than anyone.

Remember what you learned about Value? Value last's a long time.  Make sure you are more concerned with value than cost when it comes to Hiring the Right Real Estate Agent, Team or Company.