Good Day everyone - this is Santa Clarita real estate show number 196-2013 - would you believe it is our 196th show this year?

Well - We start all over in 2014 - so keep tuning in.

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Your access will be granted and you can see our latest episode where we talk about the Santa Clarita real estate market.

Enter Stage Left - New Responsive Website

We have just completed a Responsive Website - all we need now are a few bells and whistles to be added.

Housing Haven - super duper responsive real estate websiteBTW - I say we and that is not me and the mouse in my pocket - it is a Realtor Website company called IDX Network - They are the best and it's not wordpress such as this is.

It's a Responsive HTML5 site, and it is gorgeous, if I may say so myself.

Responsive - it adjusts to all mobile platforms and will allow our clients using our systems to remain on without being re-routed to anywhere else.  For their safety and security.

I have been dealing with Eric Brose, and he has been very "responsive", excuse the pun, but I can be known to be a pain in the arse.

Just ask anyone that builds websites and resources for our clients.  I am incredibly demanding and want it done right so our clients are best served when it comes to "on line" real estate channels.

There are a few ADDS that have to happen to the site - but it's almost there and I'm excited, if you cannot tell :)

BTW - we are not abandoning our site - it will continue to grow, as will all of our real estate systems for the benefit of our Real Estate Buyers and Sellers - the more places we have on-line, the better their "batting averages"...

The Santa Clarita real estate News

We have been hard at work getting the market reports finished and we finally have them posted up at our Santa Clarita real estate market website.

When it comes to the Santa Clarita housing market, we want our clients to be on top of the action.

If there is lacking real estate inventory, which is pushing prices up, we want our clients to be the first to know.  If the local market is having issues with people's affordability and qualification amount being reduced, we want our Buyers and Sellers to know it first.

BTW - those two items are true for our current real estate market.

Cash is still being used (how to compete)

You would have thought those buying up real estate wish cash would have stopped by now.

It seems to have increased during the past couple of months - especially when the interest rates started increasing.

To compete with a Cash Buyer as a Financed Buyer, you want to get your agent to allow you to be creative.

It may be a little more work, but that "work" may make all the difference in the world.

Just make sure that if there is a counter or contract(typical) - to have what you want reviewed as part of it when the agent submits it to the Seller.

(to ensure they won't be lazy on the listing and presentation end)

Want more tasty morsels of the best ways?

I love the teaser - twice a month we send to those that are part of our list a video email or an audio podcast laying out the best tips, tricks and strategies within the Santa Clarita real estate world.

This, of course, works for real estate pretty much anywhere - so if you are outside of the Greater Los Angeles area - you will find it useful.

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Be safe and let us know when you are ready to MOVE...