What is the local market going to be in the next few months.  I can opine that we will have more inventory that has been placed onto the market for sale.

I know for a fact that we have not seen the end of the short sale market.  We have many more months to come with those sellers that are wanting to sell their properties short.

Santa Clarita real estate agentsIt is not the hardest thing we have had to learn - the short sale process.  However, it is extremely difficult accepting that some of the banks are not doing the best job they can with the handling of them.

Too many chef's spoil the soup.  We see that there are a lot - what can you do?  If you are contemplating a short sale representative, make sure they will also shield you from all of the BS that generates from the bank holding your mortgage.

They should also be talking about short sales and the issues that can come up with them.

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