There are several large companies that give leads to local Santa Clarita relocation agents.  The agents then pay these relocation companies a fee when they close escrow and get paid. Some of those Fees go anywhere from 25% to 50% back to the relocation lead generation company.

REMAX of Santa Clarita relocationThese companies had a great idea, as did the Real Estate syndication companies - "Let's hire a bunch of Internet Technology people, copy writers and enter into the pay per click game - We can advertise all across the internet - charge agents an upfront fee or get money from their commission when they close the lead..."  This would not have been possible without the start up money - but it probably was not super expensive.  With no "Brick and mortar" location - the entire business model is virtual.  The problem enters the picture with the agents not being "qualified" to serve - if they pay the money they get the lead.

Not bad - the point being, you - as a person that is going to want to relocate to the Santa Clarita Valley area - should be able to choose.  Sure, they may give you 5 agents, you may interview all 5 agents, but may dislike them all.

In addition, what do you have to gain by going through a middle man?  There are usually more costs associated in working through a third party - having them refer you to a Relocation Expert.  Maybe not fees due from you - but fee's that are going to have to be paid by the agent they have referred you two.

Some agents are of the mind set of "Value First".  No matter if they are selling a 10 thousand dollar mobile home or a 5 million dollar luxury home - they are going to treat, service and protect the client with top notch service!!!!  They look at the value of having someone that won't shut up about how GREAT the service was as more important than any commission to be earned.

That is the "right way".  However, this "right way" is dropped from the table in most agent's cases. If they have to pay someone for leads - that lowers their bottom line and thereby may cause them to consider their paycheck in the way they are handing your Santa Clarita Relocation.  Lower paycheck - unfortunately equates to Lower service in some cases :(

Look online - do some Googling or Binging.  If you like REMAX - Google REMAX Relocation - check out the results, reach out to the first local Santa Clarita Agents and see what they can offer you with your relocation needs.  You may be surprised to find out that they are on top of the Relocation game and you are going to be dealing with the source and not a third party when it comes to your being Relocated. Be Safe - talk soon and don't forget to subscribe below - My BEST!!!