It depends on the age of those that are searching for you on-line.

Apparently the section of the "Social and on-line Search" world are known as Millennials 18 to 35 year olds.  Your pay per click marketing campaign is not working very well with them.

Bad Blackhat marketingThey are looking to the "organic" results within the search engine result pages (serp)'s.

They understand what Google has been trying to do all along - with Google's Penguin, Panda, Panda 2.0 and other cutely named updates, Google wants to put a leash on the "tricksters" and the Black Hat type SEO's.

Example.  Back in the beginning of the internet and search - a person that owned a business, that wanted a better on-line presence, could load a page with keywords.  

If they sold insurance - all they had to do is take the word "insurance" and repeat it on a page thousands of times.

When people were searching for insurance - that page/website was viewed by the "algorithm", at that time, as being a site of authority.

That Black Hat SEO technique was devalued and then the "linking" thing, buying links from "link farms", was the next target.  These were websites that had been built for the explicit purpose of people paying for their website links to appear within the link farm websites.

It may appear as confusing, but, bottom line for "Search" and Google is wanting to give their users the BEST POSSIBLE SEARCH RESULTS.  No tricks, no games, just the best, most authoritative websites at the top of the Organic Search Results.

The Millennials get this better than I.  I'm about 9 years too old to be in that group.  18-35 year olds are in that group and they are very Web Savvy and Search smart.