Local Realtors SERP's

SERP - Search Engine Results Pages.  That is where a buyer or seller may go to find what they are looking for on-line. Top Santa Clarita real estate marketers

In real estate 92% of those looking for something in the real estate world start their search on-line before reaching out to a local real estate agent in the Santa Clarita Valley or elsewhere in the US of A.

Agent Placement on-line

Where does your realtor place(show up) on-line?  The screen shot below is from my iPhone.  You will see that we are at the top of the "Search Engine Results Pages" for the Keyword phrase, "Santa Clarita Realtors".

This is not a "paid for ad" - those are not clicked on as much.

Organic Placement on-line

Not in the sponsored results or within the ads that us Realtors can pay for.  Anyone, even those that have just became licensed and have gotten their website out of a cracker jack box, can get on the first page of google of bing.

However, they can only do so by paying for the ad space.

I'm talking about having your realtor appear on the first page of Google or Bing.

Below is our, Top Sales Team in Santa Clarita real estate, placement in Google's Organic results when someone searches for "Santa Clarita Realtor."

Locally 480 people are searching with that exact phrase and guess who's sellers listing they are told about first?

Not just one place and not by accident

We write a lot of content.  When you are searching on line for someone to sell your Santa Clarita home, look for the real estate agents that appear in multiple locations on the first page with how a buyer may be searching for homes.

Act as a Real Estate buyer and do some local searching.  Look for Santa Clarita real estate agents and tell me what you find.

Be safe - Search well and only hire those that are up to par to deliver on the sale of your home, distressed or not!!!


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