It is pretty easy to find.  If you are looking to relocate within one of the cities within the Santa Clarita Valley, we have our offices located off of the first Exit, from the south, within The Santa Clarita Valley.REMAX on Google Plus for business

When you are northbound from Los Angeles - stick to the five freeway.  You will pass the 14 freeway - that is when you are going to climb the hill.  Once over the hill, just after the 5 fry and 14 freeway split, you will want to exit Calgrove.  At the end of the offramp, turn left at the stop sign.

Passing under the freeway overpass, you will then go to the very next Tri-light signal - that is a street named, "The Old Road".  Turn right - you will then be driving right next to the five freeway(on the west side) - parallel to it.  After you pass several businesses - on the left,  you will see a large REMAX building - off white with lots of tinted windows.  There are also 3 large banners at the top of the REMAX building.  "Residential, Commercial and Investment".  That is where the Paris911 Relocation Team is located(head quartered) with REMAX.

We are within the walls of this building, up stairs off of the elevator.  When you arrive, please only do so with an appointment with my Relocation team and I, you will check in with the receptionist.  Tell "her/him" that you have an appointment with REMAX's Paris911 Team, Connor and or Paris MacIvor, and they will direct you upstairs.

This is where all of the magic happens.  We sit down our clients and discuss their plans, goals and develop a superior understand as to what they are looking for and want to do.  We Develop a Real Estate game plan with all of our clients.

Be Safe - if you want to see our google Local Plus pages for our Business locations - We have attached those links below this text.  We have two locations where we meet with our relocation clients.  One in Stevenson Ranch and the other in Valencia CA.

Click here for our Google Places ad for our Stevenson Ranch Location (our head quarters).

Click here for our REMAX of Valencia CA office location on Google Places.

We appreciate your business and hope we turn out to be the best fit for your relocation needs.