How many times have I told you not to take any "wooden nickles".  While time has past since my dad used to tell me that, today it could have re-surfaced in the way of "paper internet" tigers.Santa Clarita realty associates

Data is what should drive a buyer or a sellers motives when approaching real estate.  If you don't know how much homes are currently selling for, you may offer too much. While the appraisal has way too many fail safe and checks-balances systems in place, why roll the dice if you don't have to.

Finding out the forces that are pushing and prodding real estate values and prices is key to your home selling and buying success.  When looking at the real estate data, approach carefully.  Have a look and a read as to where those that are writing this content are from.  Are they working for Big Real Estate syndication systems?  Are they looking at the true statistics or looking at something that has been changed with the intent of modifying your behavior?

How about local real estate agents?  They are your best bet when viewing data about real estate.  In fact, there is much more accountability when dealing with a local real estate professional.

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