Are you familiar with the phrase, "Hook Up?" That is the place you can get what you want. If you are looking for a hard to find item - the "hook up" can deliver it to you. The same holds to true with looking for an item that may be plentiful but where you are looking for a massive discount. I'm not talking about buying speakers being sold out of the back of a van...

Regarding "Hook ups" - They are not always the best deal as far as cost. But they are the best deal when it comes to "Value". As I am fond of hearing, and more of saying, "Cost is a one time thing - Value lasts much longer..." a paraphrase by Zig Ziglar.

I remember all of those years with the PD, when we needed certain things, we found those "hook ups". Our "hookups typically had to do with bullets - reloads and tactical equipment". But they were hookups just the same.

In real estate, we find more and more that "hookups" exist on both sides of the transaction. We have buyers agent hook ups and listing agent hook ups. If you know a realtor that lists a lot of property, they can be the hook up when it comes to reaching out for buyers.

If there is a real estate agent that has a lot of buyers, they can be the hook up for the seller to get their home sold in the fastest way and for the most coin.

It is that delicate balance in real estate that makes the difference between a seasoned agent and one that is trying to do real estate without being "interdependent" in any way, shape or form.

One of the things you are going to want to look for when it comes to the interview stage for the real estate professional you are going to hire is "relational oriented statements". Are they the only real estate agent that matters? The BEST in the whole world? Do they talk about themselves and give little care about who you are or what you are wanting?

However, if you are Blessed enough to run into that Buyers or Listing Agent that is about being "interdependent" on others with regard to their business, other agents etc... You have just struck gold. They are going to have those "relationships" that will get their Buyers and Sellers what they want. Their dreams will be fulfilled before those clients that are working with the "BEST real estate agents in the world - just ask them :) ".