Connor MacIvor is a Santa Clarita real estate agent. That's me and my offices are located at 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, 91381.

I have been selling real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley since 1998 and represent home buyers and home sellers.

For Tenant and Rental representation, I am happy to help to a point by the dissemination of information, but I do not represent tenants or rentals.

Since 1998, we have been Santa Clarita real estate agents and have lived in the Santa Clarita Valley cities since 1996.

When we bought our first home, asking Siri or Alexa where we could find a Santa Clarita real estate agent would not have worked. Those platforms did not exist.

We found our real estate agent driving around and it was one of the biggest mistakes we had ever made.

When buying a home, you are spending so much money, it would take at least 30 years to pay off.

If we would have had the online systems to search and vet real estate agents in the Santa Clarita Valley, we may have realized that our real estate agent had a bad track record.

Bad from the representation aspect and him not having our best interest at heart.

After we moved in and our home flooded during my very first shower, it did not take long for me to attempt contact with our real estate agent.  It was not happening and with calls to his broker, visiting his office before and after work, and via other means, he was not answering my phone call or returning my messages or pages.

We were able to get him to step up and take full responsibility for the harm and injury my family experienced. But, it was not without a huge amount of effort. I look back and suppose I should thank him for being my catalyst to enter the real estate in Santa Clarita representation business.

Fast Forward to 2004 in Santa Clarita real estate

Writing and blogging were starting and some of the local's were starting to write about how great they are.

I saw this as an opportunity to write about what people have questions about concerning Santa Clarita real estate.

Where is the Santa Clarita Valley?

How long does it take to drive from Saugus to the 5 freeway?

How much do homes cost in the Santa Clarita Valley?

Where can you view Santa Clarita homes for sale?

Is Valencia the best Santa Clarita Valley city to live in?

Things like that helped us grow past the others which are in the local real estate business.

No more "man behind the curtain". We are full disclosure real estate agents and want our client to experience our transparency.

Voice Search for Santa Clarita real estate

When you conduct a Siri or Alexa inquiry, some of the online systems are pulling data from Yelp and the Search Engines themselves.

There is a possibility for a real estate agent to hire a company that will attempt to get them placed at the top of the search results when you get a response from Siri or Alexa.

However, this has not yet been corrupted. Bing and Google want to provide you with their results on their I.A. search systems.

I would imagine that over time the systems that use other's data, like Apple using Yelp stats, will break away and want to own their own voice search results so it can be monetized.

How to decipher the voice search for Santa Clarita real estate

Now that you know where some of the sources of the information provided can come from, you are better equipped to make a good selection.

Agents, some are their own "self-brokerage", this is rare because of the overhead and being without national branding can create trust issues.

Most Santa Clarita real estate agents work for a "known" real estate brokerage.

If you verbally search for Santa Clarita real estate, you will find individual agents and full line brokerages are being voiced by the search system.

If you verbally say that you choose "number 1" or Such and Such Brokagege, like REMAX, you will probably get the receptionist.

If you ask the REMAX receptionist for a Santa Clarita real estate agent, she will direct you to the floor agent. In real estate, some offices offer their agents something called floor time. Floor time is a real estate agent's opportunity to pick up calls for service by buyers and sellers.

As you are searching on one of your voice-enabled platforms for Santa Clarita real estate, you call into REMAX, the receptionist will forward your call to the floor agent. The floor agent then will attempt to work with you and have you select them as your real estate agent. Doesn't sound like a bad deal right? Wrong, the floor agent may be inexperienced or worse...

Part of your verbal search should, as soon as possible, should be to do a hard inquiry online to see who this "floor agent is". By doing so you may be able to determine if they are really your best choice.

Some of the other Santa Clarita real estate companies and brokerages take every caller and route them to real estate agents by order of ranking.

That will mean you can be working with their number one agent through their number ten agent.

Again, are those agents your best choice and do you want to have a better selection.

If you are searching locally, you also may be directed to a local real estate agent working at the specific brokage. That agent may have a real estate team in place. You speak with the agent, you like the agent, you choose to work with the agent, only to be passed along to one of the Lead Agents buyer's agents or seller representatives.

You did not vet them, you did not speak with them, you are now being treated like a second fiddle. They may be great, but they were not who you interviewed. - Think about it.

How Santa Clarita real estate search works locally

The Santa Clarita Valley is broken down into 6 cities. Most of the local agent that is going to be referred to you when you conduct your voice search is going to be able to represent you in each city.

Some of our Santa Clarita Valley cities have homes priced at over a Million Dollars. Some are Multi Millions of Dollars, Some are Horse properties with acreage, Some are Agricultural properties with acreage, other's are more simple condos and townhomes, and then we also have New Homes and New Builder communities.

Your choice is important. You should find the agent best suited for use with these various types of housing.

If you want to buy a new home, did you know that you can have your own agent on your side 100%? Did you know that you don't have to work with the new home builders agent? Did you know that your agent is going to be a better negotiator than you going it alone? And that a New Home Realtor is able to fight for discounts, incentives to be paid and additional credits? Hire a Santa Clarita New Home Agent

Maybe a large expansive multi-million dollar home in Valencia or Sand Canyon is a better fit for your lifestyle. Hiring a real estate agent who knows what is what and how to best negotiate with sellers in that price range will be paramount to your buying or selling success.

Some of the real estate agents locally in the Santa Clarita Valley cities are without offices. They are virtual agents. Of course, they will meet you at the local Starbucks or at the library to discuss your real estate needs, but they don't have brick and mortar offices. While that is not concerning to some folks, not having somewhere to go to complain if things don't go as you think, should be.

Of course, most will say they have a real office when they don't really have a "real" office with personal photos inside of it. They may have a shared conference room. At least with that, there is somewhere you can go to hold them accountable, besides the online review systems.

Agents - teams - titles and local Santa Clarita voice search

When you search you are going to get a lot of different things as responses. You may get the lead agent, you may get someone who is a buyer's agent, maybe you will get in contact with the lead procurement agent. On all accounts, some are going to be able to serve you and other's won't.

The Top 6 Questions for a Santa Clarita real estate agent

Here are some questions that I would ask a Santa Clarita real estate agent before interviewing them in person. Remember, the "in person" interview is very important. They are going to be in your life for at least 45 days, that is the time it takes the most common loans to close. You don't want to have your stress levels off the charts because you hired them over the phone.

  • Who do you work for? The most common responses are going to be REMAX, Realty Executives, Century 21, and Keller Williams.
  • What are you considered? Some may say Team Leader, Listing Agent, Buyer's agent, Your agent - etc.
  • How long have you been a licensed realtor? This is critical because some agents consider the time they bought their first home at the time they have "been in" real estate. Other agents consider the time when they first considered getting their real estate license as the time they "got into" real estate. You want to know when they first became a Realtor because you have to had passed the state exam in California then they would have had to join the Boards of Realtors.
  • What board are you a member of? This too is important because if they are not a member of the Southland Regional Association of Realtors, they are not truly "local". This would pertain to you doing a voice search for Santa Clarita realtors or Southland regional association of realtor agents. Santa Clarita Valley  - Through Acton and other Los Angeles County communities.
  • Who do you work with? They will assume you mean if they have a team. They may talk about their escrow officer, title officer, lender, and people in their direct employ. Your reason in asking this question is to ensure that you are not going to be passed along to another agent and will be working with the agent you are asking the questions to.
  • How are you different than the other agent that I have interviewed? This is where you are going to watch their mannerisms and decipher their speech. You want to hire only a Santa Clarita real estate agent who views you as the boss. They should be using words like client focused, client-centric, and relational-based. They should talk about being honored in serving you, but also those whom you know because, after their stellar job in representing you, you will want to tell everyone about your awesome experience. When you find a real estate agent who is focused on your feeling and experience, you have found a keeper.
  • What happens if I don't agree with you? This question gets a lot of negative feedback from agents because they don't know how to answer it. Mine would be, please tell me so I can explain further to clarify the matter. Most times it's a misunderstanding, not an intentional breach.

These questions are mostly open ended where the respondant will answer in narrative format. They will talk and that is your opportunity to size them up to see if they are the best fit for you and your Santa Clarita real estate needs.

I'm Connor MacIvor and I do a lot of writing about the local Santa Clarita real estate market. This real estate article is one of many that help our clients make the best real estate decisions possible.

When you are ready, be sure to add me to your Santa Clarita agents to be interviewed list. Be well, talk soon!