I wish I could make stuff like this up, but it really confounds me.  We had just met with some new sellers, they are techy people, they had told us that one of the agents they were interviewing did not know what WWW stood for.  Beyond that, the same agent did not "believe in" doing any "online advertising".   Mr. Seller, had asked some of the questions that we had posted up on our Santa Clarita real estate blog, inside of a recent article,talking about the questions to ask a Realtor.Choosing a real estate agent is a lot like interviewing for a new job.  I know the agents you are talking to have sold homes before. But they have not sold your home before.  That is why you should approach each one as if you are the boss (you are), and ask them questions that a "prospective manager" would ask of someone if they were doing the hiring.Don't have any false assumptions of the power of the Internet in getting your home that you want sold in front of more buyers than any other medium.  If your Real Estate agent of choice is at the top of the search engines, that is where the buyers are looking and will find your home listed on that"top of the SERPs, Search engine results page", and the agent you hired to sell your home.  There is nothing that will do more to sell your home than the power of the WWW. (world wide web).  With you hire an agent that harness the power, and you can find them on the page 1 Google results.  Page 1 for keywords that real estate buyers of the world are using to search for local real estate, you have a winner of a Realtor!