With all of the resources that are available to search for open houses in the Santa Clarita Valley - how can you keep your personal and private information safe? The BEST tip I can give you about searching for open houses comes in the way of Local real estate companies and search engines. click here to search for Santa Clarita Open houses

When you use local realtors, you can be sure that if they start spamming and slamming you - you can have it stop with a phone call. When dealing with websites that have sold your personal information and private intel to several agents all at the same time, like some of the real estate syndication websites do, you may never be able to shut off the flow of "interruption". click here to search with our new Paris911 dot net site - Its uncluttered and easy

Here are the top things to watch out for when wanting to visit open houses, no matter what city or area - the games are the same. However, in some jurisdictions to host a home open that is no longer available for sale or one that is not on the "official public market" is illegal. So, that will be our number 1.

1. Make sure the home you are visiting that is being advertised as open, is truly for sale - Sometimes agents that are trying to build their business will host open houses at homes that are not really and truly for sale. They may have a friend that will allow them to put up a bunch of street signs to build a buyer database. It could be that the home has entered a phase of escrow with another buyer, but is being held open anyway as an attempt, according to the agent, to obtain a back up offer. What ever the story you are being fed while visiting the open house, make sure you agent knows upfront that you are going to be doing your own open house tour so they can give you the run down as to what to sign, leave etc... Like I said above, real estate rules and regulations differ from area to area and from state to state.

2. The agent hosting the open house is not the listing agent - While this is not a "deal breaker" it goes to show you intent - maybe? It could be that this home is being hosted open when there are offers that have been submitted on the home. As stated in number 1 - this differs from that type of scenario. Merely identifying the agent hosting the open house, when they tell you that they can get it for you without a problem, make sure they are who they say they are.

As long as you are educated as far as how it works when viewing open houses and what to watch out for - you should be able to attend them without placing yourself in jeopardy and the relationship you have with your real estate agent of choice. The most important take away you can gather from this posting is where to view the open houses. If you want to search the MLS for Santa Clarita CA - click here