Real Estate questions answered by the expertsWith everything, even the subject of "when you should first contact a real estate agent", has varying opinions.

However, just like in the case of a doctor, attorney or any other professional, you want to contact them before you start representing yourself, doing your own diagnosis, and with regard to a Realtor - before you want to buy a home.

In the "real world" this does not happen in this way. With all of the online systems, you can find out what your "issue is" when it comes to health when googling the symptoms.

You can ask google about wanting to file for bankruptcy, or type in the type of "lawsuit" you want to file or the one that was filed on you.

With regard to real estate, you can search for homes, find out the best questions to ask a local Realtor and see how much your payments will be at a particular price point.

But, earlier is always better. When you are first considering buying real estate we have a Crash Course on Santa Clarita and Greater Los Angeles real estate we offer to our clients.

Some of the topics that we cover in our offices are "preventive" in nature.

  • What types of real estate lenders are there?
  • What are the best questions to ask lenders when interviewing them?
  • How do you know a good lender versus a bad one?
  • What about searching for homes?
  • What are the safest places to search for real estate online?
  • What types of inventory are the most prevalent on the current market for sale?
  • What about Foreclosures and Fixers, are they the best deals?
  • What types of financing will allow for the purchase of a Fixer or Contractors Dream?
  • What questions should be asking your realtor about their "methods" of operation to keep safe?

And much more. The time to sit down and cover these topics is when you first decide to sell or buy a home, condo or townhome. Make sure you are working with a local real estate professional before embarking on buying real estate or selling it.

We are REMAX of Valencia CA's Paris911 Team of agents and we look forward to speaking with you and yours when you are ready in our local RE/MAX offices located at 25101 The Old Road.