When relocating to the Santa Clarita Valley, it may be nice for you to open your mind to Short Sales. Short Sales are those "for sale" property types where the seller is having issue with being able to stay current with their payments. It could be from some sort of life changing event, such as job loss - divorce - disease. It could also be done in a Strategic Way.

Strategic short sales have to do with the owner of a specific property being too far upside down. "Too Far", that is indeed a very personal decision. Some of our Short Sale Sellers are 100% in a strategic mode. They have already committed to having my team and I short selling their home. They may be a little upside down or a lot. However, the difference between the Strategic Short Sale and the "run of the mill - garden variety short sale" is "hardship". Read more about Strategic Short Sales.

What is the Hardship and why is that, or could that, have an impact on your mortgage obligations?

Eventually the bank is going to want to know from the "short sale seller" answers to the aforementioned questions. Suggestion if you are the one being questioned... Be Totally Transparent, honest and forthright. If you are a short sale seller and are going to be denied from being able to have a short sale negotiated on your behalf, because you were being honest... Then so be it. Better being honest and denied than being deceitful and ending up with Legal Charges levied against you!!!

When you are considering relocating from one place to another - a Short Sale may be just what the Doctor ordered. One of the biggest reasons is that they are not typically closed in 45-60 days. Because Short Sales take much longer, that could be the reason they may fit better with a REMAX Relocation Client that is on a "non typical" relocation timeframe.

If you reach out to our real estate team that offers REMAX Relocation Services - we can hunt you that short sale that may take 6 months or more to close. We will make sure you are paying market value or just below, after the lengthly process as completed. We know what to look for once we have explored your Relocation Time Frame. REMAX Relocation Services by Paris911

Final Word when it comes to Selling Short Real Estate in Santa Clarita Valley. Please get good advice and make sure you are not being "sold short" in your realtor's experience and with their certifications. Ensure you are speaking with us last - after you interview the rest of the "short sale agents". Be Safe and talk with you soon. Santa Clarita Short Sale Website