Dynamics of Real Estate companiesYou have probably heard the saying, "All is fair in love and war..."  That maybe true in "Love and War", but in business, some would say that is not true.

I suppose it depends on what side of the tracks you are from - the right or left, and also on one's upbringing.

When a real estate company hires another real estate agent's offspring, to manage the social media, twitter, facebook, google plus, and other "online aspects" of their business, is that unfair or dangerous?

Would there be some kind of signed agreement that would state that the "Realtor" of the "vendor", which are related, would in no way benefit from the relationship and accessibility to the Brokerages "inner sanctum"?

Would the "Vendor" being hired, be able to adhere to such a agreement?  What about the "Realtor"?  Would they turn a blind eye and in no way utilize their "son or daughter that was hired by the Broker aka: Vendor", even if they offered, breaching the agreement with the Brokerage?

What about the agents, what do they think?  I'm sure that in some instances most don't "get it", not to be offensive, but if my full time job was not learning how "I myself" can make our brand bigger in the local online channels, I would not "get it" either. Mind you, my learning was not through the typical channels. My College years were used to study Law Enforcement, so hence me being able to attain my dream of becoming a LAPD officer - 1990 to 2013 - 17 years full time and 5+ as a reserve)

Me learning consists of digesting every single SEO and Social Media Book, Audio or otherwise, that I can get my hands on. Several hours a week of Podcasts related to SEO and the changes within the online venue - Google / Bing / Yahoo and their interaction with all of the Social Media Channels.  Plus the online blog reading related to the above subjects, in order to get my Paris911 Team Brand in front of more eyeballs than any other... My Drive, my mission and my love is this (besides  my Top Three - God, Family and Country)

I suppose, as long as these "rules and agreements" are not made known to the rank and file of the real estate company - the Tried and True Realtors that are full time members, we will never know what terms were agreed to or not.

The problem with that, while we may not "need to know", some of those "agents" wonder more than most of the "leadership" knows, in the form of office gossip and "watercooler meetings".

Those small rifts in a companies rank and file can grow to a point of bursting and becoming irreparable.

What do you think?  Is this something that has happened in your Brokerage? What about in big business, is this something that is normal - or something that is typically shunned.