buying real estate in santa claritaWhat does one do when a real estate contract does not receive a reply? This is a tough situation to be in if you, as the buyer, have located a home that you really want to buy because, quite simply, it is out of your control.

Reasons why a seller may not reply to your contract:

  • Your offer is too low
  • Your closing dates are unreasonable
  • Your contingencies are unrealistic
  • You do not have proof that you qualify for a loan

It is important to realize that there are oftentimes deep emotions involved with real estate transactions. An experienced REALTOR will let you know when you are submitting an offer if he sees it as reasonable. If he does not see your requirements as reasonable then he should tell you. If you have been warned then it should come as no surprise to not get an answer from the seller.

Part of the agent's experience has to do with how well they "prepare" you before you start putting pen to paper.  A Qualified and Experienced Real estate agent will cover the A - Z of Real Estate in some type of Crash Course in Real Estate.

Today’s real estate market is a tough one for sellers. Sellers have pride and get a bit touchy when it comes to price. Buyers need to be respectful with offers and realize that today’s seller does not want to give away his home. The best buyer is an educated one, so find an experienced REALTOR that will help you understand buying a home in your local market.