What types of listings do you want to see when searching on-line? I should clarify that, I am not talking about single family residences versus condo's. I am taking about if you want to search for the homes, condo's or town-homes that are actually for sale, or for the ones that are within contract with an accepted offer.

We have to break that down further, maybe you want to search for both the listings that are within contract with an accepted offer on then and the active ones at the same time? And maybe you want to search for both at the same time, not being told the difference, as to which ones are really for sale, and which ones are within contract.

I know that this makes no sense to the home searching public. None likes to be misled by anyone online. No one likes to have their personal information sold, traded or other-wise given away. No One. Most people hate spam and most don't want to be contacted unless they ask a question about a product, service or home for sale.

The real estate systems that are in place with the large Real Estate syndication search sites are built in the manner described above. You can see that they are showing an abundance of home listings that are currently for sale versus when you search a local realtor's idx system or website. That is not because the local Santa Clarita realtor has access to less listings. That is because they, the real estate syndication websites, are publicizing listings that are not for sale to get you to give up your personal and private information. Why? - So they can sell your personal and private information to agents that are members of their system to obtain internet leads.

How do you search for Santa Clarita real estate by the available listings only? We have built a system that does just that. It starts zoomed out so you can see the actual numbers of homes that are currently for sale on an hourly basis. click here to access the "Real" real estate for sale - active listings only

I hate to be misled. I hate to be tricked. I know you do too. Enjoy our search resources for REMAX Relocation systems for the Santa Clarita real estate world. Let us know when you are ready for our help and thanks for reading, sharing and liking.