It may be that you are the quiet type? :)  However, that usually does not designate you as a certain type of real estate seller.  It may be that being the, quiet type,  improves your chances of being attractive in certain dating circles - but to sell your home - probably does not apply.

We have covered the regular sellers, the foreclosure sellers, the short sale sellers, and other types of real estate sellers that are currently in the Santa Clarita real estate market.  Knowing is 1/2 of the battle, according to Gi Joe, and we at the Paris911 Team have to agree.Santa Clarita real estate active listings

When it comes to where buyers are searching for real estate that is truly for sale, you may want to rethink your real estate agent hiring strategy.  That is, consider that most of the real estate searching public is losing faith with the large syndication websites.  That is because they are showing listings that are not available for sale. Why?  you may be asking - because they have to perform for their shareholders - the agents that are paying for that system demand to be sent leads of people that are searching for real estate.

In order to do that, they have to publish more than the "Actually available listings" for sale.  However, the john q buying public is starting to realize this game is happening and they are, in turn, staying to the local real estate search systems and the local real estate brands.

In the Santa Clarita Valley - The Paris911 Brand under the REMAX Brokerage, stands tall.  Search for the Top Keywords that buyers are using in the search for local real estate agents - Try typing this into Google:  Santa Clarita real estate agents

See what pops up in the Organic Search Window.  That is where buyers in today's Santa Clarita real estate venue are clicking.  Be Safe - hire experts and only work with local real estate agents when it comes to getting representation as a Seller of Real Estate.