Are you the type that find's a new email address and "opts" the person into your newsletter?

You might be the type that knows the Email address is for a Real Estate Agent and you happen to run a business that sells Real Estate Agent's Leads.

This happened to me this morning and I am going to effectively use it to make a Point about Permission versus Interruption marketing.

Here was the email I received out of the blue this AM:

This was the subject and the view I received from my e-mail inBox:

whats wrong with interruption marketing



It looks personal enough - in fact, I happen to know a Wendy Johnson or Two...  (I suppose if it was not Wendy and a name like "Amhalghaidh" - Which is Scottish - from my Roots - I would have not been as likely to have opened it...)

At first glance, I'm thinking there might be something wrong with the Home we helped a recent Wendy and her husband buy, or they have a question they are unable to write in an email - to us our Clients and their well-being is Number 1.

So I click on the email, (btw - The Connor (2) indicates I responded - when I first saw this marketing company's email - it did not have that - just  "Wendy, Connor Please CALL me".

This is what the inside said: (italics are mine - not on the original)


I recently had a request from a customer for information about property in Stevenson Ranch.  Since I'm located in Missoula, MT, I am looking for someone closer and better suited to help them out.  My team has spoken to them and they are serious about this request and looking to do something fairly soon.  I'd like to get this out to you right away, can you call me as soon as possible? You can contact me at406-532-5572.

Best Regards,

Wendy Johnson
Regional Manager

A couple of things come to mind - I think maybe I had a dealing or referred business to this "Wendy" in the past?  Or maybe she is a past client that we helped to move to Montana?  So as I am racking my brain to figure it out - I scroll down to below the fold and see the following:

If you do not wish to receive future e-mail communications from me, write to me at the address above, or click here to unsubscribe.

Real Estate Pipeline is an independently owned and operated real estate advertising services company for real estate firms and other real estate related entities.  Real Estate Pipeline does not work directly with any real estate buyers or sellers.  We do not receive any commissions or fees from any resulting transactions.

"The old Below the Fold Trick".  The attempt to try to make the receipitant better - letting them know they are not going to take any of their commission.  However, they do ask for a fee to give "leads".  Apparently the "spam" email that has been engineered to appear as if coming from a friend is FREE!!!

Want a better way?  Get out there and start writing content and adding value to Real Estate.  Also - Spam is Still Spam under the guise of wanting to send an apparent "personal" lead to a Real Estate agent.

Way to go Montana and Real Estate Pipeline - BE Careful and BE Safe.  If I'm not mistaken, Real Estate Pipeline had a different name before? - Comment below with your thoughts please, I would love to hear them...


I responded back to the email that was sent to me telling Wendy, "Shame on her" and she responded with the following:

the only agents that email this kinda stuff are the ones not making any

Kind Regards, 

Wendy Johnson
Regional Manager
Real Estate Pipeline

I suppose that she wanted to include the word "money" after "making any"? - but her conscious got the best of her, or their power went out in Montana at the Regional offices of Real Estate Pipeline.

To our Business Members and Readers - this is the "wrong" way to get a client for life - Enjoy your day!!!