Town Houses for Sale

Ok, the link says it all.  Have a click and check out all of the properties that have been categorized as Town-homes in Southern California.  I am still working our new Pro IDX platform and working with the different options.Santa Clarita remax paris911 team

It's a constant search for my team and I to bring our clients, and those that are going to be our clients, Search as you have never had it before.  That is why we are so hard on the IDX engines we add to our clients systems.  Before we put it up in all of it's glory - we need to make sure it is functional, easy to use, and rendering every single listing in it's current status (accuracy is key).

You will appreciate the "accuracy" factor if you have been in the real estate market attempting to buy a home, townhome or a condo.  In fact, if you are working with a real estate agent - you are being smart.  However, even working with an agent won't protect you from searching on the wrong real estate syndication websites.

The "fall short" part of some "non techy" realtors is their website.  A Real estate agent's website should answer three questions:

  • How is the market
  • How much is my home worth
  • What homes are for sale

That's it.  Let's explore the first two things a real estate agent's website should produce.

How's the Market - What a great question, so many people, real estate agents, avoid this like the plague. It takes time and a lot of reading of current real estate stats to give the answer to this question.  We bring it to our clients by allowing them to subscribe to our Real Estate Video Updates.

How much is my home worth - This one is not too hard to answer either. Unfortunately, we had played around with an "automated" type approach to answer this question for our clients.  It was poor to say the least.  It involved a lot of "searching" of the current real estate data as it pertained to home prices and values.  So instead of having any of our potential clients take an extra step - We have a How much is my home worth form that you only have to fill out once and we do the recon, gather the intel, and get you the answer post haste.

Onto Number Three and our Favorite!!!!

What homes are for sale - And this is the one we love - because we have the best idx - and Search Systems that gather their data directly from the Multiple Listing Services with the Local Boards of Realtors.  In order to get this type of permission to publish listings - you have to be a licensed Realtor - work for a "licensed real estate company" - and obtain the Board of Realtors permission to publish this data.  We have that and are proud to say, "it is the best in the Real Estate search industry." - click here to view our IDX drive MLS search engine.

For some reason I want to say, "What's in your wallet?"  Be Safe , search well and let us know when you are ready for us to do what we do best - find you a home or sell yours.

If you made it to the bottom - and you are a real estate agent wanting answers on how to get to the top of the Organic Search Engines - click here.