I was dumbfounded.  A client asked me this very question.  She was apparently confused.  I thought to myself, "Doesn't everyone know what the difference is between a Short Sale specialist and a Short Sale expert?"

As I searched for an answer, I realized that there was no difference - At least at the end of the day.  "We have paid for all of the classes too", directed to our other Real Estate Compadres.  But, when was the last time you were told by the bank that the only way you are going to be allowed to negotiate your clients short sale, is if you were a Short Sale Expert or a Short Sale Specialist?  I'd venture to say never.

In fact, I have never been asked what certification that I hold in order to be allowed to negotiate short sales.  We were told in some of the "we paid a lot of $$$ for" training classes that having "Certification X" was going to be necessary when negotiating a short sale with "Bank X".

It has never happened in the over 75 Short Sales we have completed since the start of the Short Sale Market.

So the answer to her question was a resounding, "Nothing".  Those are clever titles, which we use so often they are meaningless to us "Short Sale Agents".  However, they are not apparently meaningless to the general Short Selling Public.

I am stopping, as of every future written word, from this point on.  I will forbid myself to use the terms Short Sale specialist and or Short Sale expert.

I am a "Short Sale approved negotiator.." :-) - Approved by our Short Sale Clients...  BE Safe...