Your real estate agent is unavailable and you want to view a home, condo or town-home that is for sale

Let's say you are a buyer and have a Real Estate agent that has been representing you when viewing properties and they become in someway unavailable when you want to look at a particular listing or listings.  You decide to contact the listing agent directly or to get another agent to show you the property in question because your real estate agent is not available.

Your real estate agent writes an offer on a home they did not view with you

You then go back to your own Real Estate agent and have them write the offer on the home you viewed with another Realtor.  The offer gets accepted and escrow is opened, your deposit check is now cashed and you on your way to home, condo or town-home ownership.

But....  There is a "procuring cause" issue that might have to be dealt with.  It should never effect your purchase of a home, condo or town-home.  The agents involved would be Seriously out of line if they did anything to "do in' your home purchase.

Your agent loses their entire commission

Your agent can be gone after by the agent with which you viewed the property with after you successfully close escrow.  In fact, the agent that you viewed the home with can go after your real estate agents full commission.

Now, are you working with another Realtor? :-)

This is reason one why we ask if you are working with another real estate agent is for this and other reasons.  However, this one is a biggie...

I am not an attorney or attempting to give you legal advice.  The Best Real Estate agents are teachers and educators first and foremost.

Here is quick youtube video explaining it in "less stuffy" way :-)  BTW - make sure you read our post on "Why do we have to Meet before looking at properties".