After watching "Napoleon Dynamite", too many times, I ask Paris this question most mornings, "What are you going to do today Napoleon..."

The Santa Clarita Schedule - in Thousand Oaks

Today, we are headed out to Thousand Oaks, to list a new Bank Owned home.  Located on Surrey Court - it is a large home with a pool, on a cul-de-sac.  This is one of those "assigned" homes that required several court appointments and an eviction.  When I showed up with the Ventura County Sheriff's Department the home was filled with trash and was totally neglected.

After speaking with the neighbors, I concluded that the "previous owners", had just driven away, moments before the Sheriff's had Arrived.

This home will be posted everywhere on the Net after about 7 days with our abilities - so just run through Google - "Surrey Real Estate" and it will pop so you can view the price and the photos.

Another Foreclosure in Tesoro Del Valle - Valencia

Placing Flyers and ensuring that the Bank's Listings are not neglected - I will be also going to a street named Via Milagro in the Tesoro are of Valencia CA.  This is another Bank Owned home that we have been "in process" with regard to getting it ready for sale.

This home is over 3400 square feet and is located on a street that seems to be well taken care of.  I have spoken with several of the neighbors and they demonstrate that "pride of ownership", it comes across very transparently.

We will have the new photos - Video and everything else we do to market our Seller's listings completed and uploaded today.  It usually takes about 7 or so days, for all of the internet "real estate listing hubs", to all pick up our Real Estate for Sale Build Outs.

I'll post a couple of Video's on You Tube with Each of these assets that will be for sale on the Multiple Listing Service today, so you can see them before you view them in person, if interested.

Why Local Real Estate agents are not the "solve all"

I can hear it now, "Watch it Connor, you always say to work with Local Real Estate agents..." - I do and I am not changing my opinion, however - there is a "but" to this statement.  You have to go with your gut, you have to interview those whom you are hiring, you have to feel comfortable with your choice.  Ask the agent you are interviewing what the advantage is if you list or buy through them, if it is not "within their area".  Heck, ask them the question even if you are buying in their backyard.

Being comfortable and being able to give you the best service will be paramount.  When it comes to listing a home for sale, I know for a fact that can be accomplished from anywhere, "San Jose Anyone...", if the agent knows their way around the "Real Estate internet marketing channels..."  The "Brokers Open" is something that is highly overrated(at least in our market).

So, if like the agent you are choosing to list your home,  you feel comfortable with them and want them to list it - it matters not where they are from, as long as they are a Realtor and are a FULL local Board of Realtors Member in Good Standing.  (This is critical - if they are not a member of the Local Multiple Listing Service or local Board of Realtors - Don't Hire Them - that will hurt no matter how comfortable you are with them...)

The Rest is up to  you

Being able to live in a society that allows "WE THE PEOPLE" the "choice" is really taken for granted.  I know that I think of how Blessed we are to live in a country that has the strongest standing militarily in the world.  I had a Training Officer on the LAPD, back in 1991.  His name was Lynwood Howe.  He had me nicknamed "horsefly".  I will remember one of his statements of advice to me, "Pick and choose your friends wisely, Horsefly..."  Thanks Lynwood, that has severed me very well, so far :-)