This question seems to stump many of those that have lost touch with their "Why". The Original Why they are in business in the first place. Some have never had the answer to this question. Others have built mega businesses around their Why, but have lost touch with and have watched as their businesses started to falter.

Thee are many good books on the topic of "why" - just run that search through google. "Books about the why of business". You will notice some have GREAT ratings. Those are where I started.

When we started in the Real Estate business it seemed like a natural fit because I was already protecting and serving the people of Los Angeles as I was a Full Time LAPD officer. When we bought our home, we were absolutely thrown under the bus.

Our agent dropped the ball, lied and did not make good on his obligations. We had issues with our home and could not even get a simple call back. Hell, I'd have been happy for our agent to call me back and to tell me to pound sand. But I did not even get that.

There was only one thing I could do. I had a partner of mine stiff in a call. He said he was a Buyer, wanted to meet this agent in front of a home and buy it. He further told him that he had a suitcase of money and qualification would not be a problem. According to my partner, the agent sounded excited on the phone. I know now phone calls like this don't happen very often in real estate.

Anyway, I was able to meet with our agent. He showed up and my partner was no where in sight. I met with him and told him what I was prepared to do if he wasn't going to make good on how he wronged me. Let's just say he got it, lock, stock and barrel.

Which brings me to your Why - and your business. Is it more important that your clients are happy or that your business is successful? I believe both of these things are interconnected. You cannot have a successful business if you clients are not happy. This agent that did it this way created two competitors. Both Paris and I are now working with clients that may have used him. I have never told anyone who did this to us. That is not important. The most important thing is he knows who he is.

Now get out there and make some people happy.