Name your Reason...

Maybe they smell funny? - Maybe you don't like the way they speak? - Maybe it's that "hitch in their giddy-up" or the way they make home presentations while showing you properties?

There could be a single reason or occurrence or something that you just cannot get over when it comes to wanting to work with another agent. Maybe it's none of the above, and you just want to try someone else? However, when you have not chosen a team where do you go?

Another Team Advantage...

Thankfully, the answer to the question with our Team, because we are a team, is you don't have to go anywhere.

That is why we founded ourselves on the Team Concept.  We can reassign you to another real estate agent.

One that may be a better fit for you and yours.  One that you may connect with.

We totally get it that sometimes people just don't click.  While I know for a fact we have some of the BEST buyers agents in Southern California working for our Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia, I know that everyone of them is not going to be "the best" fit for all of you that want to buy homes and real estate.

Communication is key...

Therefore, as we state during our intro meeting or as you are reading here, communication is key, let us know, and we will be happy to reassign you to another of our Top Buyers Consultants.

100% Business - Not Emotional...

There are no hard feelings. There is no ill will.  There will never be any "uncomfortable feelings".  It's business, and as such is treated as a Business Transaction.

Looking back when we bought our first home, I wished at that time we would have had a choice of different agents within the Same Team.  It would have made more sense than having to start over again.  It would have better for Paris and I.

Be safe - Search well and keep the "doors of communication" open with those you choose as your Realtors of Preference so your needs can be fulfilled and when you say Jump they ask "how high". :)