How would it work?  Maybe at 0500hrs (that's 5am :-) ), this group could meet at a nearby park.  Then a person, that has no certifications, nor is licensed in any fitness realm, one that is not a nutritionist, and one that has been struggling with weight loss and weight gain, would start a coordinated Group Workout.

Boot Camp in Santa ClaritaUsing their past experiences with the Law Enforcement methods of "academy" weight loss, using the skills learned from the various Combat Scale conditioning programs and the newest movement that TV has to offer.

But wait...  If one of the attendee's has a great core and strength building movement, one that will leave the group winded, having them demonstrate in front of the group...  So we all become stronger from the sharing...  Nothing fancy, no logos, no forms, no registration, just getting in shape for the common good.

I don't remember having music to run to or when doing calisthenics in Elysian Park so many years ago - but I was in the best shape of my life.  But I do remember the Drill Instructor - he keep the motivation at a very high level.

What do you think.  It would almost be like "Friends working out together".  Like a running club that is not as hard on your joints.

We could do wind sprints - with calisthenics in between...  We could chase each other in the Sand of the "kids play area", remember this will take place at 5am...

There would be a different level of accountability.  Remember that spooky movie so many years ago.  There was a guy that hired a company to help him quit smoking.  The company would go to any length to keep this person from smoking. They even went to the extent of cutting off a joint from his pinky finger.  That's too much accountability :-)

But phone numbers could be exchanged and we could make sure the person, who is in Abstentia, will be coming back. (only if the person wants too of course)

Could it work? Would Santa Clarita residents be interested?

It feels a bit strange asking, but I think it might be something worth setting up.  Nothing too complicated.  Just a bunch of people interested in becoming more fit, exchanging ideas at 0500am at a nearby park, while they crab walk and bear crawl their way to fitness.Free fitness bootcamp in Santa Clarita

Have you ever bear crawled in wet grass for 300 yards?  It is quite intense....

BYOB - Not Beer, but Balls(medicine type), get some of those "contractor gloves" at Home Depot or Lowes so when you crawl around you don't get too many "owies" on your hands.  Maybe bring a set of dumbells or kettle bells to give you added resistance.  You could even bring a yoga pad to keep your bum off of the wet grass.  They water at night in the SCV :-)

I'm not big on the partner stuff.   Like throwing medicine balls back and forth - I think those things are best left out of a serious training program.  Mainly due to your partner potentially not being as coordinated or in the same shape - things can go wrong quick.

We could even have a jump rope day where we have our exercises implemented with HIIT training doing 30 seconds of jump roping, then some calisthenic type movement - doing 12-20 sets...

We could even cover the "how too's" of Bridging - not for the faint of heart.  Not taught, because no one is an instructor at this class, just friends exchanging fitness ideas and working out together...

What do you think?  When do we start?  Maybe it will be best to just show up at 0500am at a specific location, post that here and comment back with updates about the program and the gains we have made in the form of losses.

If you are interested, comment below and we will get a list going.....

Thanks Santa Clarita fitness friends.